PREP SCHOOL ~ " Enriching Lives "

About Us

At Keystone Prep School, we believe children thrive in an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. 

Our classrooms are full of all sorts of stimulating activities from which your child is free to choose, once he / she has been introduced to the material.

Repetition is encouraged, as it reinforces learning.  When  your child is ready, our teacher or "Directress", directs the child to more challenging work. 

Sometimes, this is accomplished, by inviting the child to observe how classroom material is used.  Other times, the Directress simply sits down and without ceremony, starts working with the material.  Children who are not already immersed in their own work, tend to gravitate towards what's happening, peripherally, and before you know it, you have a small group of engaged children who are ready to try something new.  Viola!
Time for relaxing and enjoying quiet contemplation ... is also part of our daily routine. Relaxing while reading a good book is one of our favorite daily past times!

We recognize that life can be challenging and we support parents to the best of our ability. We strive to make it easier on parents by assuring you, "Your children are in great hands!"  

All of our teachers are well versed in child development.   Plus, they pass a rigorous screening process and attend ongoing training in Child Development, Health Screening, CPR, First Aid, Fire and Playground Safety. 

Keystone Prep School offers an 
engaging Montessori-inspired 
curriculum, complete wi
small group lessons, self-directed activities, unobtrusive teacher observation and assessment, plus routinely scheduled progress reports. 

At Keystone Prep, we believe positive reinforcement is important for developing one's self-esteem.   Therefore, we strive to treat all children, parents and staff with the utmost respect, care and nurturing.

Families are an integral part of our school and we encourage your participation.  We alternate a Mom's Breakfast and Dad's Breakfast several times each year.  Our Mom's and Dad's breakfasts provide an excellent opportunity for you to see your child work, meet other parents, schedule play dates ... and form an extended community.  

We've found we get a lot of mileage out of your child with respect to their work, when they know you'll be coming to visit.  

A few weeks before each visit we ask the children to practice three or four of the most challenging activities they're working on.  

We want them to be internally driven and to be intrinsically excited about their work. At the same time, they LOVE getting to show you how much they're learning and we HIGHLY encourage your participation!

Nutritious snacks are served daily and milk is provided at lunch time.   Sack lunches are brought from home and refrigerated. 

Keystone Prep School is an educationally-based, private, preschool and kindergarten for children 3 - 6 years of age.   As such, all students must have completed potty-learning or training prior to enrolling. 

Kate Logan, Founder,
Welcomes You & Your Family!

Ms. Logan brings twenty years experience as an ER/Trauma Nurse and seven years experience as a Teacher in and Director/Owner of Montessori Schools to Keystone Prep School.

Additionally, Ms. Logan did her Post-Baccalaureate work in Educational Psychology and Public Health Administration.
She received her Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of Texas, her Montessori training from The Montessori Education Center of the Rockies and completed her post-graduate studies at California State University.