PREP SCHOOL ~ " Enriching Lives "


Keystone Prep's warm, safe, rich environment nurtures your child's development. At Keystone, we strive to make each child feel at home and encourage his / her life long interest in learning!

Our "scientifically-prepared environment" is full of specifically selected materials and activities. Plus, our materials can be used independently by the  children, or with teacher direction, to reinforce and enrich skills and concepts. Our tried and true learning environment individualizes curriculum, so as to meet the varied needs of young children. 

Keystone Prep's lessons are tailored to each child's unique learning style. Whether your child is a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner, our activities engage and inspire!

Our fun-filled, three-year-long, Montessori-inspired curriculum for children ages 3-6 years includes:
  • Circle time - where we greet one another, talk about the calendar, sing the days of the week song and count in English & Spanish 
  • We also, chart the weather, sing the "Sound Song" or other songs and introduce any new materials, at this time
  • Circle time is followed by individual and small group lessons where the children work on the following:
  • Practical life - activities needed for independent living, i.e. self care and care of one's environment
  • Sensorial - focuses on incorporating as many senses as possible in the learning process 
  • Language - develops comprehension skills, plus ... letter sound and name recognition
  • When your child is ready, we introduce  word / picture cards and the movable alphabet 
  • Three letter word formation, utilization of our phonetic reading series, beginning readers and Child Craft Encyclopedias follow, as developmentally appropriate
  • Math skills are cultivated through the use of concrete, hands-on-materials.  This foundation is of almost indescribable benefit.  As the children mature and start doing more abstract math, you can literally watch them access their memory banks and pull from their experiential learning.
  • Individual and small group lessons include counting, numeral recognition, introduction to units, tens, hundreds and thousands, place value and beginning operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)  You'll be amazed when you see how Montessori simplified math; we would have loved to learn math this way !!!
  • Geometric shape recognition and intro to money / telling time, is also offered when the children are developmentally ready.
  • Younger children often watch / learn from older students.  
  • We believe in introducing children to concepts as they're ready, not in ... hurrying your child.
  • At the same time, it is amazing how much they can learn or "absorb" at a young age!  
  • Montessori likened children to sponges when she spoke of "The Absorbent Mind."
Plus, we rotate materials in the classroom, so there's always something new and exciting to focus on.  Each month we incorporate different activities related to: 
  • Geography 
  • Social Studies
  • Science and nature
We also encourage:
  • Large and fine motor skill development 
  • Getting lots of fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors 
  • Social development
  • Grace and courtesy &
  • Character building activities
Good old fashioned ...
  • Art, 
  • Music, 
  • Singing, Dancing &
  • Games 
... bring smiles to our faces and round out our days !!!

"We found individual activity is the one factor        that stimulates and produces development.”  

 “Such experience is not just play ... It is work        he/she must do in order to grow up.”                            
 - Maria Montessori 

All photographs of children working, were taken, with permission, at Ms. Logan's previous location.